Sunday, November 11, 2012

November is Novembre
You can feel how Fall it is.

 I am having a language identity crisis. Having spoken only in Italian for three days straight, for the most part, I can tell you that it is hard to be yourself never speaking in your own language.  The self that curses and makes pop culture references and can't find her other sock or her keys. It would be much better for my and F's Italian if I refused to speak English more often at home. But I understand why, after a day at school, T really only wants to speak in English when she gets home. When I do try to speak Italian, I get so frustrated catching all of my many mistakes -- because I hear them now, but I can't seem to prevent them from happening in real time. The biggest opportunity I get to speak straight Italian is at the gym. Unfortunately, talking about exercise in Italian does nothing to improve my Italian and is possibly the most boring thing to describe in any language. Ever. That's probably why Nike's motto is Just Do It.

T is spending every possible moment babysitting Vivi because she is throwing in her teething ring and packing up the whole family for the move back to America next Thursday. Vivi is a  hard act to follow, but  I have found T work tutoring English to a dyslexic fourteen year old boy who is none too hard on the eyes. I don't search these things out. They just come to me.

F got a possible job offer to teach computer and cooking to 8 to 13-year-olds in English at a summer camp. He has a great time teaching Gabriella's son Andrea computer programming in English and they seem to have a great time. Andrea is like that kid in that movie Jerry McGuire if he grew up an intense 15-year-old Italian, computer aficionado.
Even when things suck here, I still feel really lucky. I did not mean to rhyme there in any way.

Nature is great and all, but if you decide to take a political stand against the lead-filled, red dye and bug parts in drugstore lipsticks and it leads you to try to make your own beet powder, two things will occur to you. One, no matter how long you cook the beets they won't dehydrate into powder and so all you will get is rubbery beets. (That is surely the punchline to some joke about the borscht belt, but not having slept well in months I'm going to pass.) Two, if you really want homemade all natural lipstick and have the time to cook down the beets you have too much time on your hands and something is not working in your life. 

Three, whatever it is that ails you can be resolved, at least temporarily, by going to Giusti bakery.

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