Monday, November 26, 2012

Mischief Managed!

It all started with a personalized acceptance letter to Hogwarts. The girls came in costume and T was Bellatrix. Unfortunately, she was dressed as Bellatrix when went to an appointment at the school with the principal to sort out why they think she signed up for religion class when she did not. Happily, she can now go home last hour on Fridays without F having to come in and personally sign release papers. Ah Bellatrix you are free to go.

Then the girls designed their own wands using glitter glue, metallic thread and sticks -- some of which came from my friend Serena's yard. Giorgia (on the far left) spoke with an awesome English accent as Luna Lovegood, but then again she always has one since she lived in London for years and her dad is English. Natasha was Hermione after an explosion and Caoimhe was Ginny which was kind of her since she has the right long red hair for the part.

Down to the details:

 The girls played an interactive video game of Scene It on Harry Potter trivia.

All the girls got matching lightning bolt necklaces with Harry Potter spectacles on it and laser printed T shirts with sayings on them. 

  I am most proud of the Book of Monsters cake. F baked it, and I sculpted out the fondant.

And at the end: All is well.

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meagan susannah londy said...

Um, the BEST!!!!!