Sunday, November 04, 2012

Lucca Comix, Strange Days

Life is strange. Our country is considering letting the American equivalent of Berlusconi i.e. Mitt Romney be our President. My daughter goes around looking like this:

 And this:

Oddly enough, this is the only four day period in which T has normal colored hair. She is such a rebel.

Our neighborhood looks like a bad acid trip.

Our folks at the fruit and vegetable store dressed up like Smurfs again this year. At a certain moment while F was waiting in line at the cash register, the villain came swooping out of the back of the store with a net and all the shop people ran out into the street as fast as their little blue legs would carry them. 

T says he was very grumpy about having his picture taken. Funny, you would think, given the outfit, he might have a sense of humor . . .

The homemade weirdos are my favorites.
This is so second grade fart joke, right?
Oh cheer up already!
She pretended to have just gotten married at the church. She has real ribs sticking out of her dress. Brides all over the USA and Europe, sadly, are jealous.

Even babies are going around in disguise. It's disconcerting.
Some mothers are really shameless.

Peace out, smirky blue haired girl.
We are so jaded for year three of Comix that I don't even smile past these pushy, hilarious teenagers on my way to work. It's like I'm in New York or something. . .
It's actually like a huge Glee audition. Gleeks unite!

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