Sunday, November 18, 2012

La Palestra Compie 4 Anni

There were 500 people at the party. I learned from my mistakes last year and had a glass of wine at home before I left; I got my hair done professionally; and I wore a kick-ass dress. Then I proceeded to go on and make all new mistakes, not the least of which was reasoning that if I am marketing myself as a dancer I should go ahead and dance. I started out very reserved, but after the families went home and the more serious party people all went into the sala to dance I made mistake number two which was that it was okay to jump up and down repeatedly on my strained arch muscles in high heeled boots.

There was this one guy who I will call camera guy who followed me and my friends around the whole night because he is obsessed with one of them. I imagine his room at home is covered with photos of her as of this morning. He never danced, ate, drank, or talked with anyone. CREEPY.  I don't have a photo of him because he was too sneaky.

My colleague Francesca, and a guy who talks about the war in Yugoslavia, and a lady I don't know.

This year there was a festive fruit bar and a team of aggressive waiters who marched back and forth from what is usually the men's locker room with trays of parfait and other antipasti salati. The ladies room became unisex which was weird. At one point I had to pull my pantyhose up behind a curtain in the shower stall. At the end of the night as I was airing my swollen piggies on a bench filled with girls I don't know. I turned to them and said in Italian that I was never the kind of girl to go hide and smoke in the girls' room, but that it might be time to start. They laughed and said 'there is always a first time.'  In the aforesaid Unisex bathroom --which had a poster of a woman with a man peering in at her on the door-- a higher up person came very close to passing out in front of me. He was in a kind of exaggerated drunken state -- think Texas-- that seemed more like a parody of drunken boss. I put my valuables in an unlocked locker and nothing got stolen. That's how I know I'm not in New York anymore. I never even took a dance class where I got home safely with both leg warmers in New York, let alone my Metrocard. Randomly enough there was a Japanese calligraphy exhibition with pieces for sale and a chocolate fountain. The bar was almost impenetrable because the drinks were free, hence the massive number of cars out front and the doubled number of guests from last year.

On the left is my personal training client Martina and on the right is my Serena.
And this is Martina's daughter Giorgia who sometimes comes to the session and shows off her splits.

This year there was no staff photo or speech. Just a raffle. Unless they waited to do secret staff stuff for when I was out of earshot.

There was also a super high pastry tower of creme doughnuts covered with honey that I think are called struffoli. At the end of the nigh,t the floor was covered with slippery festive fruit and sticky sweets and several people hit it pretty hard. Next year they should have a foot massage station and some padding. F went to help them clean up on Sunday and the man who talks about the war in Yugoslavia kept him entertained although he only understood every third word.

Francesca has a super cute family.
This is my boss Fabio and my other boss's daughter Sara.
Patrizia was kind enough to give Giusy and me a lift to the party since her house is right behind the gym. She's not a real dancer, but she held on longer than I thought she would and was a great sport about the whole thing. She drives like Mrs. Magoo, but she is the most loyal sweetheart and I like dragging her out to places she would never ever go.

 The DJ was pretty good. When he went to the bathroom one of my students coerced Serena to take over the DJ booth and jam out with his headphones on while pushing some of his buttons. He definitely looked like he had some buttons pushed when he got back to the booth, but he sported that fake kind of fierce smile people make when they are in the party business and things are not going their way.

Our friends Adonella and Carlo had a pretty festive moment when Adonella volunteered her feather-light self to be carried around the room crowd surfing style and he grabbed her ankles. The worst thing I did was dance with the teenagers because they were the best dancers. I know they thought I was a weird old lady, but um I am.

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Ciao Karen...ti faccio tanti tanti complimenti x questo tuo "sito-diario" ke vedo tieni costantemente aggiornato, inoltre t ringrazio tanto x la "super cute family". Un abbraccio Francesca