Friday, November 16, 2012

I love technology; I hate vipers
F found a webcam streaming program to connect T's computer to his Ipod which means that F can wear earphones to bed and hear her sensor when it is detecting a dangerous high or low of her blood sugar during the night. Or as F puts it, we will know when RuPaul tells him to sashay upstairs. I love technology and I love F and I love Laurie Anderson the musician whose hiring of F early in his career has made it so that he can sleep anywhere anytime. I know it is vastly unfair that I have a perfect husband who cooks, cleans, sews and now is also on nighttime patrol, but rest assured that I don't take this gift for granted. Last night we tried a version of this that didn't work and just F's getting up one time and the glare of the computer screen meant that I lost two hours of sleep and I just couldn't function today.

This particular clique of women at the gym that my curly haired friend calls le vipere or the snakes were gossiping maliciously about me in the dressing room when she walked in. If they had only told me to my face the criticism that they discussed behind my back, I could have easily redesigned the class to their liking. It is at the heart of things a fabulous, original, well-thought out class that I spend hours choreographing and do what I do with a smile even when I feel like I'm about to die. I gave a much more difficult class with more cardio in it thanks to my friends' eavesdropping and the vipere left red faced, huffing, and satisfied. I had no idea they thought I had gone soft on them since they complain about everything: they complain if the room is too hot, too cold, if I go too fast, too slow, if it's too hard and now also, apparently, if it's too easy. To be fair, I am probably not as energetic as I was before T's diagnosis, but apparently I will have to drink a lot more coffee and resume with the ten minutes of jumping up and down before we do the exercises. My boss also told me today that she wants my stretch class to turn into power yoga. Too bad I have no idea what that is.

Adding to the unpleasantness of being underslept and having a cold, I am sad that these ladies turned out to be so snakelike. Tomorrow night is the biggest party of the year at the gym and I wanted to do it better than last year when I in my best dress was still under-dressed  and when I didn't realize that the good dancing happens later in the night. I am going with three of my closest friends and so I know I'll have back-up. Last year when I had only been working at the gym for about ten weeks, my colleagues did not ask me to be in the staff photo and this year I plan to get drunk enough not to care. Next week the teacher conferences commence. I may have to start drinking my coffee corretto/with a shot.

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