Thursday, November 15, 2012

Arrivederci Vivi!
We couldn't get enough togetherness time with Meagan and Stephen and Vivi so after a lovely ravioli dinner at their place Tuesday night we capped it off with chocolate chip pancakes bright and early Wednesday morning.

 We will have many a facetime or skype date to keep us part of each other's lives. T and Meagan exchanged journals with letters in them.

One of my favorite memories will be T and Stephen playing circular tag, jumping over their sectional sofa like crazed monkeys and zooming around the living room while laughing like maniacs. (You don't know!)

Meagan is my Pinterest buddy so we will let our materialistic sides dance wildly in cyberspace.

My fantasy is that on the plane our generous Vivi will go up and down the rows "sharing" stuff between passengers so that by the time they land all the people on board will be exchanging doo dads and carry on items, trying to leave with what they came on with and making new friends.

The other day T played translator again for Meagan's long lost relatives from Lucca. The first time her somehow fourth cousin Mario had a cold and was a little dazed to see Meagan and her parents and everyone plus F and T show up as a surprise at his doorstep. A doorstep that was way out in what was a beautiful farm area until they build the autostrada. His wife was even more surprised. In the end they made a plan to come back and this time the reunion was just adorable. They served cookies just like good long lost relatives should!

 Meagan stayed up late and knit T a hat! That is a quality friend right there.

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