Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Work it, Ru!
So far the insulin pump -- or Ru Paul, as we call her -- is doing her job. T was a little hypoglycemic in the night  (we still have to check once at midnight and once at 3 AM), but she is waking up with normal values for the first time ever in the mornings and that is fantastic! She is taking less insulin overall from day to day, and she managed to unhook herself from the tubing to take a shower. Today we will meet with the tech guy at the Lucca hospital where he is going to give us another crash course on how to change the needle (or redress Ru.) Next time we are going to have to do it ourselves - eek!

In other news, T went to O.V.S., the Italian version of a really tiny Target or Walmart store, and bought a leopard print fake fur manga hat, the kind with the kitty ears on top and the pom-pom strings below. I have had to dissuade her from wearing it three spring-like mornings in a row. I expect by Valentine's day we will have forgotten what she looks like without cat ears. sigh

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