Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dinner with the in-laws

It is almost impossible to describe how lucky we feel to have met Meagan, Stephen, and Vivi. 
Even though they are only here in Italy for a few more weeks and we haven't known them for long, they have made a real impact on all of us. Not only has T become a really accomplished and responsible babysitter, but we have all found a family who has real style, a sense of adventure, and great senses of humor. We like them so much we made a dinner for Meagan's in-laws even though they are the kind of Republicans who want to talk about it.

F hid behind his pots while I drew off of a really ancient episode of West Wing from some time capsule in my brain where an intelligent Republican press aide made some arguments that got the attention of the chief staff writer for the Democratic president. I used this to find a common ground with Meagan's father in-law, but when he started espousing trickle-down theory, I had to draw the line.  I asked to whom the wealth during any Republican Presidency had ever in history trickled down and he went silent for a long moment. That was nice. It was a lovely dinner full of across-the-aisle warmth, joking, and camaraderie. You can tell by these charming photos:

The next night after her in-laws had departed, Meagan came over to hit the wine with us and watch the second part of the finale of Project Runway and stay up all night chatting with me. When I woke up my throat was dry and I remembered that I had, in a flurry of exuberance, invited twenty people over for a bread baking lesson with F. The house is not ready, my complexion is a disaster and I have to translate six phases of bread baking instructions into Italian before lunchtime.

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