Sunday, October 07, 2012

We want to PUMP
I am going to come out and say that under the false belief that only one person per family can be good in math, I never really applied myself in math or computer science and now can barely count let alone learn how to use a piece of lifesaving equipment that involves percentages, algorithms and ratios for T. I had to teach and missed the first lessons on how to use the Insulin pump or microinfusore. That is why today I am in an utter panic for the dissemination of the information in Italian at the children's hospital in Firenze tomorrow. T had the genius idea to enroll me on the Parents of Type 1 Diabetics section of her diabetes forum on-line. After a quick enrollment, I asked the other parents for help about preparing for this new inanimate addition to our family. The responses I got were really helpful and one was to watch the manufacturer's on-line course. The only drawbacks are that I am still me and that this was one of the seven hundred video segments:

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