Sunday, October 07, 2012

Stephen, Gabriella and Andrea at the fornelli!
A cooking lesson with Gabriella 

My sweetie friend Gabriella offered to teach us plus Meagan, Stephan and, of course, Vivi how to make a proper risotto. This was a thoroughly enticing offer and 15 month old Vivi went so far as to spread the accompanying vegetables all over her person in a sign of delight and support for the venture.

This is Gabriella's youngest - Alessandro with his new truck.
Adrianna, Vivi and T having some bilingual girl babble.

Vivi is so cutie, right?

Il Risotto: Not only do you start the rice off with no water, but it is covered in luscious olive oil as though it just paid a lot of good money for a spa vacation. Throw out all of the supermarket Minute Rice of your past or childhood; this is the real deal. Then the little grains get massaged around and soak up the vegetable broth one ladle at a time.
the whole little jacuzzi full of broth has to evaporate before you give the little spa clients their next splash. The vegetables in the broth can get later turned into a very desirable baby food for a certain small person. Gabriella then became a total show off fancy pants cook and using ice and hammer, made the rice come perfectly out of a mold. Don't try this at home unless you are Martha Stewart in Tuscany. Then she poured the golden array of sautéed vegetables on top. The secret is to add extra olive oil at the end that has not been fried so as to maintain its natural healthy fat burning properties.

Do you see that perfect ring of risotto? Una follia! Craziness!

Vivi, being a smart girl, quickly tired of the big spoon.

Then she delighted everyone by facendo la scarpetta - mopping up her sauce with her bread!

That is a great compliment to the chef!

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