Saturday, October 13, 2012

Non ho capito un'acca/un tubo/un accidente/ un ficco secco
The theme of this week is: things I don't understand. For one, who replaced my husband with a Korean teenage boy? All we hear is Korean pop music in this house; it is maddening, I tell you.

Here are a series of photos of T and Vivi doing crazy sh*t with a bowl. I have no idea what possessed them (but it looks like fun!)

Apparently, while I was at work, there was also a daisy chain of girls in my kitchen braiding each other's hair.

Last night I went to a kind of Italian Tupperware party at Laura's house, but instead of Tupperware it was for Just herbal creams from Switzerland that her zia Giuliana sells on the side. I got a cream made from thyme, pine, rosemary and eucalyptus. I don't know why. I also forgot to take any photos of the party and everyone was mad that I snapped these shots at midnight as we staggered out to our cars. My friend Patrizia gave me a ride. She drives like Mrs. Magoo and gets mad when I make sound effects of alarm or dismay. She is loyal as can be and I am glad that I get to be her wingman when we get where we are going in one piece.

All the girls said Adonella was really cool and in gamba. I want to be her when I grow up.

Sabrina likes me mostly because of F's gorgonzola bread, but I am fine with that.
Serena is my best.
These are the photos that T had to choose from for her self portrait to be used in art class. She hates all of them. I don't know why.

When F took her back to the hospital on Friday the doctors were full of compliments for our well kept diario and food journals and because T manages to put the needle in her stomach all by herself. I guess it was worth crying in front of everyone to eek out this enthusiastic burst of compassion. The doctor reset her insulin pump in a way that it is more personalized for her and told us that she can get her permanent one on November 12 along with the sensor that will sound an alarm if she goes too high or low in the night. Last night she went too high at three in the morning so I had to call the hospital to reset the levels again. I don't know why. She got a graffiti covered "skin" for the pump that will make it look like a doctor's pager that Nicki Minaj would use if she ever makes a guest appearance on Grey's Anatomy.

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