Sunday, October 07, 2012

La scorsa settimana

Basically this week was kind of a long haul. The gym is still not going at full steam because of the financial crisis in Italy.  I feel very stressed and it shows on my face. A couple of new ladies came into the first lesson of October at the last minute and I scared them off with too much new choreography and overly loud music. I couldn't explain or make it up to them because it was a runaway train of a class and they left before it was over. I felt awful about it and then only half the number of people came back later in the week, but maybe they just all got the same cold that I have been fighting off and it was nothing personal. File this under Mannaggia Me or Sh*t, it's too late now. F has been working hard on a website for 007 and Alma's agriturismo and teaching English all over the land. T has been babysitting a lot and working hard to do a good job on the endless homework.

T went out and took some great photos like this one that remind us how unbelievably blessed we are to be having even a crap week here:

One of my students, Elena invited us to dinner, but I counter invited because we are still weighting T's food to count the carbohydrates for her insulin shots. Elena is incredibly lovely and her husband Angelo, who used to be a sommelier, brought us a great bottle of wine to go with F's Thai food: sweet potato pancakes with peanut sauce, pad thai with roasted asparagus and garlic lemon tofu, and spicy carrot salad. This being Lucca and thus a small, small world, it was no surprise that Elena took ballet lessons with my friend Serena when they were eight, and that her daughter now has the same dance teacher they had, and that she also went to school with my friend Alessandro. This routinely happens at dinner parties here because everyone knows everyone like six degrees of separation from Berlusconi. Elena and Angelo are planning a vacation in New York in two weeks from now, so be nice to them if you see them. T babysat their daughter Alice after dinner. Alice was a tad strung out from a birthday party earlier in the day, but was utterly charmed by T who gave her a magic marker tattoo of a unicorn and also watched more My Little Pony in Italian than anyone should ever have to -- even as a punishment.

Elena's frame of reference for life in New York, like all of my other Italian girfriends is Sex & the City. Even though it is not really a realistic frame of reference, I love when people admit that. For one thing, it means that we have the same pop culture imagery in our twisted little heads and also it means that there is a good shot that she will get me. So thanks for that, SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker).

This is an ad for my enemy competition gym Ego which I hate even more because they had this awesome publicity shoot where the teachers at the end of the video got be come Fit & the City. ARGH! Don't they know that anything even vaguely Footloose, Flashdance, or Fame in this country is supposed to include me? I am beyond outraged.

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