Friday, October 12, 2012

Today on iTunes we got confirmation that what T has been terming the Kpopolypse has arrived. Plus also T's friend Ginevra announced that unlike the other girls in the class, it's not One Direction she's crazy for, but instead the "Japanese" band EXO-K–unfortunately we will have to burst her bubble now :( *

*(Because -duh- they're Korean).

I'm sure you are dying to know what's on heavy rotation, let's get to the music starting with the duet performed on Segways by G-Dragon and TOP of Big Bang

Like 900 million times better than "Gangnam Style." "Like Money" by Wonder Girls featuring Akon. The totally best song ever!

Not to be confused with the Sarah Maclachlan version, "The Gloomy Song" by Hyungdon & Daejune is anything but gloomy–though would it have killed them to bump up the costume budget?

Then just because I will never get around to posting it otherwise, an actual serious contender for The Most Miserable Song Ever®

Quick question, OK Punk bass player–male or female?

And then just also because it's amazing, "Dark Star" by Poli├ža. Crazy crazy good.

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