Monday, October 08, 2012

A series of coincidences?

1. I met my friend Serena for a walk. She came prepared with a gift for me for tomorrow's hospital visit. In Italy, red brings good luck so she brought me a pair of red thong underwear to wear tomorrow. Not any old pair, but a pair of Hanky Panky red thong underwear and I happen to have met the creator of the brand and went to their sample sale when I lived in New York.

2. Serena and I passed by a store with T's dream pair of lacy stockings with crocheted holes in them to wear over a bordeaux collant under ripped denim jeans. This is not a freaky coincidence, but for the fashion savvy you know how good a find this was.

3. Serena thought of me when she saw a holistic healing center for children that has miraculously opened up in Lucca. She was drawn to this out of the way spot in a little piazza behind an archway near where F teaches English because of the lovely little flower boxes out front. The owner happened to have seen the top of her curious curly haired head and thought to himself I hope she has the courage to come back tonight. It turns out that they were geraniums which in the language of flowers means amore di mamma and she thought of me and my love for T.

4. Of course Serena did bring me back to that exact spot that night where a really dedicated music teacher was waiting on the steps with three teenage children who she had worked with since they were toddlers. She was very welcoming and gave us some literature on the place and then the owner arrived in a red car. He said he would love to meet us and that he would be back in ten minutes after he took the children home. He came back and we were enchanted with the colorful large room that he had set up. Then he took out a pack of keys and took us into the building next door which was an ancient horse stable. Inside it was all red brick and little alcoves. It looked like the seven dwarfs house from Snow White. There was one corner dedicated to likenesses of the Madonna and child in which the Madonna is always adorned in real jewelry even though they are all portraits or sculptures in front of a color changing light up mini fountain. There was even a little kitchen for tiny people. Then he took us back to the original space and pushed a button and a screen descends from the ceiling on which he showed us a film about how he works to bring harmony to children with special needs through literature, theater, dance and the all of the arts. And It told him about my thyroid disease and how I was cured through bioenergy treatments.

5. I told him about T's interest in being a super teacher which is what they call special education teachers in Italy and about her diabetes and he told me that it was more important to show her how much I love her tomorrow than to obsess about the cure and that she would learn something important through this and find her own kind of harmony. He said Meyer was an excellent hospital and that I should ask about the experiments that are happening on developing new kinds of insulin and a vaccine for diabetes that he has heard about.

6. He gave me a long speech about the bureaucracy in Italy and why bioenergy that I practice can't be called a therapy and all about the risks of legal penalties I could face in practicing it. I told him that, having broken every social practice in Lucca thus far, I was sure that if children could heal with bioenergy we would find a way. That gave him pause and he said he would be in touch.

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