Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Really Big Show
There was a cartoon Tasmanian Devil like activity going on in our house about ten minutes before T had to leave for her performance at the dedication of the library of Tabucchi. She decided in the final stretch that both her hair had to be washed and blow dried and oh-by-the-way-mom-I-need-a-white-t-shirt-for-the-performance-and-I-don't-have-one. Of course her blood sugar values were getting way up there.

 I ran to the OVS store and got on line behind twelve German tourists. There were three cashiers, but two were involved with a 30 minute long transaction in which someone actually wanted to return something. Our cashier moved along at a nice clip so when I finally used up all of the Italian curses I know under my breath and got to the front of the line ten minutes later, I complimented her on her work ethic. She explained cheerily that they need witnesses for certain transactions on the cash register. I told her about T's performance and thus my sudden decision to buy three different kinds of white shirts and she just laughed and said she has a girl the same age.

There she is third from the left.

In the center is T's friend from class Ginevra.

Yay, it's over.

Aw shucks.

She even got a certificate.

T's Italian professor told some of his friends that T is one of his best students. Word.

Why is it that once a totally intimidating professor compliments your kid, they all of the sudden seem so cutie?

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