Tuesday, September 25, 2012

T in charge Or if a baby wants to eat a shoe she's gonna eat a shoe 
This is the little love of T's life: Vivienne. We have trained F to say on cue: "She's so cute, right?" in a valley girlesque accent.

This is T's first solo outing with Vivienne.

At first T did not know that Vivi liked to eat her shoe.

T was busy organizing the baby stuff.
But then she caught a girl in action.

Distraction is a babysitter's best friend.

Are you hungry by chance?

Ahhhh. No shoe chewing here.
Occasionally, Vivi is in charge.

She's so cute, right?

No paparazzi right now please.

DId you hear me?


Just kidding :)

They were watching rhythmic gymnastics, btw.

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