Wednesday, September 05, 2012

T for terrific

Last night T had a low number and I woke up not knowing what country I was in and believing that I was locked in a small room on a boat. Don't ask. F was in the bathroom so he didn't hear me screaming. Then we all got up at 5 AM and went to the Meyer Children's Hospital in Florence for a scheduled blood test. T had to fast for the test. After the blood test, we asked the doctor for an insulin pump or a micro infusor. They said sure and we can have one for free. GASP. They cost like six thousand dollars in America. Of course there was a little hitch which was that you had to take two obligatory lessons on how the pump works and if we didn't take it today we would have to wait a month. We are not good at waiting. So F drove me home so that I could teach my class and then drove all the way back with T to video the class and get credit. They had three versions of the pump to choose from and we are now on a waiting list, hoping to get it by Christmas. Strangely enough the doctor/director of the diabetic department said that with the pump kids can live a much more normal life and take much less insulin over the years, yet no one ever told us about it. If it wasn't for T's own research we would never have know to ask for it. Think about that for a sec.

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