Sunday, September 16, 2012

Santa Croce
I had plans with two girlfriends on the night of the luminaria di Santa Croce when all of the buildings get lit up with candles and the church people sing and pray during a procession through the city.  Luckily both of them decided to play the nonnina and get some shut eye instead. I slept heavy even though there were fireworks and singing way into the night. It has been an exhausting back to work and school time, and not just for us. F & T went out with friends to take some nice photos for you lucky folks, though.

Check out T's cool backpack that she got in New York. The security man at the airport came over to me when he saw it on the conveyor belt to ask if it belonged to me. When I, filled with trepidation, accepted ownership of the bag, he just looked me square and the eyes and said, "Cool bag."

This week may culminate with a crazy party. It is crazy because it will involve the amount of planning that a city wide flash mob would necessitate. It is crazy because I have to teach an absurd number of exercise classes before then, because they are predicting very harsh storms for two weeks starting this weekend, and because the party is supposed to take place on our friends' terrace. It will take a lot of guts to host it because my acne is terrible and my hair is falling out and I don't feel like being seen. I think that I'm being pretty zen and handling the stress of T's diabetic highs and lows really well, but my hormones say otherwise. hmmn.

One of the most annoying things that happened was that some deranged professoressa threatened T's class that if they failed a design quiz they could be in danger of not passing for the year and put their high school plans in jeopardy. The quiz is hard to study for as you have to control your ruler and triangle perfectly then and there to come up with the precise geometric designs that the professoressa desires. This oldest-trick-in-the book for getting kids in gear during the first weak of school kind caused T to have 48 hours of the most wild blood sugar numbers you can imagine. I'd like to give that woman a castor oil treatment she would never forget, but I am too ZEN, accipicchiaAccipicchia is something everyone in Lucca says as an exclamation. I have no cavolo of an idea what it means.

Now we can say that middle school stinks all over the world.

 Grandpa Jack these photos are for you. T took them with her new camera. Not bad, huh?

F as a lollipop.
Recognize that shadowy photographer?
T on a hill. (F took that one.)

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