Saturday, September 29, 2012

Magic Mike, part due
It turned out that the bootleg version of the film had a really bad audio track. I turned up the volume, but the words were blurry. Or that is the story I'm going with. There is always the possibility that we were blurry. At any rate there were a lot of filler scenes about the relationship between this girl whose brother gets drawn into the world of stripping and who falls in love with one of his crew. I think. I had several moments where I realized in a panic that I still really don't speak Italian. The good news is that as far as this evening went  it didn't matter. Everyone chatted over the film and made hilarious jokes, most of which were so funny that I had to laugh even though I didn't know what they were saying.

The film went blah, blah, blah -STRIPPING-! blah, blah, blah - STRIPPING!
 F made killer brownies and Parmesan popcorn and then went out for a drink with his friend Simon. The ladies brought some great food in the door with them. Tanya brought Sabrina who brought the last best tomatoes of the season drizzled with olive oil and drenched in garlic on toast, Patrizia made vegetarian calzone in a pastry dough pie, and Laura made crepes filled with nutella. It was good timing for a good old fashioned, hormone induced pig out. And there was plenty of wine thanks to Adonella
Who needs to be stuck in a cramped movie theater?
Not us!
At one point Laura got down on all fours and imitated me teaching our Metamorfosi exercise class and being all proud of myself for learning some rarely used Italian word for tap that I found in the dictionary and making them tap out the foot nearest to their left ears. She also lamented that someone spilled the beans and taught me how to say belly button correctly. She said her favorite part of the class for the last two years was hearing me say hambillica instead of ombelico and now it was the end of an era.

When we were all so exhausted that we couldn't see straight and the refrain of the evening was sono cotta/I'm cooked we went out for a walk and ended up listening to live music outside the ever popular bar barino on the other side of San Michele. It was the best thing ever that the Astra movie theater decided to show the kids flick Ice Age instead of Magic Mike because I saved everyone seven euro and we didn't once have to worry about making too much noise during the film. Something about the long hours everyone works in Lucca makes time off with friends feel so much more satisfying. Plus also STRIPPING.

My shirt says Tomorrow I'll be Good (maybe). I had to trade T a necklace and a scarf for it.
 Even T was working last night since she was booked for a babysitting gig. While I was hooting and hollering she was stressing that baby Vivi would wake up before her parents got home. But the little angel didn't make a peep and T came home relieved and richer than her wildest allowance dreams.

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