Thursday, September 27, 2012

Magic Mike goes Underground
Sometimes I think God makes things happen just because I have a blog. Is that wrong? After the jewelry gala event I decided to keep my social life a bit more simple. No more massive sms text drives with thirty and forty people events at my house. But this didn't stop me from inviting all my exercise students and a bunch of other ladies to meet outside the Astra theater, where I am now a conosciente of the manager Riccardo, to see Magic Mike. If there is one thing that the ladies of Lucca need, trust me, it is a little Magic Mike, a movie about male strippers. I invited many a lady because, aside from bringing some gourmet New York style popcorn, it was going to be easy. I do the inviting and let Riccardo do the rest, right? Uh, that would be a no.

I got a phone call from my witty student Laura saying that her aunt had been to the Astra the other night and she heard that they were pulling the movie after less than a week for being a little too something something for the Lucchese. At first I thought I was being punk'd. Laura is witty, I thought, maybe she is just messing with me. But, sadly, she meant what she said. We had to think of something to save the night. We could drive to Viareggio, but that is an extra thirty minutes away and we would surely lose a bunch of ladies that way. In Lucca almost everyone works on Saturday. Then I got my New York on and let F have his way with the internet. Sure enough he found me a bootleg copy in Italian, mind you, that we can hook up to my otherwise unused television set and everyone will just come here. I spent my day off texting everyone back to let them know of the change in plans. Thank goodness for the inoltra button on my cell phone. Stay tuned for this one.

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