Saturday, September 22, 2012

Just a day in the life
Last night I got up when F got up to check T and she had a high blood sugar value. It turns out that burritos, which are T's favorite food, are not a good idea because the cheese makes it take longer for the rice to register or --I don't know but she gets high numbers and then no one can sleep. After waking up with a start to hear F heading up the stairs to T's room, I had weird nightmares and woke up with a stiff neck. I stretched out and did a bioenergy treatment for my friend with tennis elbow. Then I started off to work, but half way there I got a call from T saying that when my friend registered T for school (because we were in the hospital and couldn't go ourselves) she didn't specifically note that T did not want to be signed up for religion class. T called me saying that she needed a parent to come down to the school right then to state that she didn't have to take religion and that she could get out of school for the last hour. It took me a minute to figure out that this was not a health emergency or any kind of emergency but just the usual bull sh*t that they make us go through at her middle school.

I called F who was out bicycle shopping with his new best friend who just moved here two days ago named Stephen. Stephen is the husband of Meagan whose baby Vivian has already changed the life of T for the better. I had invited this American real estate agent who has lived in Italy for many years and who I met on the LIFE gym walk through the villas last year to the jewelry party we are having tomorrow. Is anyone following this? Does this sound like the blathering of a deranged expat? Bare with me. Bear with me. Hang in there. We just switched posters from the smoky the bear one to the one with kittens stuck up in the tree. Remember that poster? Where was I?

Anyway, Tanya the real estate agent said she would come to the apertivo, which I spelled as apetivo on all of the text invitations - managgia me, and that she knew an American couple who was looking for a babysitter. Well, they were in luck, because I knew a babysitter who was looking for a baby. They are from Wyoming, but they lived in Park Slope at some point. Meagan was a teacher and a modern dancer which means she is super cool. Oh and the baby is divine. Just learned to walk and she looks like a peaches and cream baby food commercial baby. She loves to share and love love loves T.

I took T for a job interview and Vivian pretty much tore up the other resumes and gave T the job right there on the spot.

Back to today.

I went to work. Danced my butt off and taught my class which involved elastic bands tied to both elbows and teaching these ladies who have never punched anyone ever how to actually throw down. Last night I had four teenage girls take a trial class. I won them over but by the end of the class they were so badly bitten by the mosquitoes in the room, who were apparently also taking the trial class, that I am not sure they will ever come back. Anyhoo, I got back and F prepared for his first lesson with Andrea, the teenage son of my friend Gabriella with the bad elbow. Andrea is bored by his regular English class so he wants F to teach him some computer programming in English.

I came home to find out that T had forgotten to give herself the insulin injection before lunch. Play the haunting and foreboding, foreshadowing music now.

At some point I got a call from T with Vivian screaming in the background. Vivi, as we call her, had decided not to take her nap and Meagan and Stephen had left instructions for her to not let Vivi cry for more than 15 seconds. New parents anyone? So she called me and I came over to find a really over tired baby who wanted to play with T more than she wanted to sleep. T changed her mind about wanting me to help before I could get Vivi to sleep so I left and she just cuddled with T happy and tired as could be. I then got an emergency message from Alessandro the interior designer guy.

I had been giving him bioenergy treatments on his neck so I was afraid he had hurt it worse in the interim. I raced to his store and found him greeting me all happy like. He took me for the bar and insisted on buying me an aranciata. It turned out that he had his shoulder that I had treated with bioenergy xrayed again and the doctors were in shock. The bone spur and the bursitis were gone. They demanded an explanation so he made up a story about having received laser treatments, but they said that even that could not have cured him to such an extent. That was satisfying. I visited wtih Laura the erborista at her store and then went to my other friend Laura's boyfriend's wing tzu exhibition with the gym Qubo in Piazza Grande. We are going to have a lady's night movie to see Magic Mike in Italian. Lord have mercy. Accipicchia!

I got home to find T with Meagan, Stephen and Vivi at our doorstep so they came in for a moment. We realized T has a blood sugar value of 350 so I called the hospital and the lady understood me to say she had a blood value of 150 so she gave me crappy advice.  I drank a glass of wine and ate like seven extra biscotti and we watched X factor and when I came to I realized that you all had no idea what has been going on here this week and that you need to catch up, people.

Enjoy these photos of our dietitian who says that all Americans are fat, no one should get up to pee during dinner, and that all meals should be eaten in courses.

P.S. T Is now supposed to get her insulin pump on OCTOBER 8.

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