Monday, September 10, 2012

IF I could teach the world to sing . .
T was looking at Facebook after her first hour and a half of school today and she showed me the top ten songs in America and in Italy. In Italy the number one and two songs are by Taylor Swift. One is about a four year old boy who died from cancer and one is about her breakup with Jake Gyllenhall.

 The number one song in Italy is a children's song about animals. You might wonder why a song that is the equivalent to Old McDonald has won the hearts of people of all ages -- but it is super catchy.

 It is called Pulcino Pio and it is super duper cutesy. So much so that T says if I ever play it again she will skin me alive. My students at LIFE gym have dared me to perform it for the class tomorrow night. (P.S. The bitches in her class loved the t-shirts but still didn't talk to her.) Enjoy:

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Laurence said...

Oh my god, that autotune falsetto is painful. At least play Gangnam Style or something that's not completely disgusting.

Can you imagine your whole class doing that silly hand jive thing from Gangnam Style?