Monday, September 03, 2012

Flooding at the shore
Thursday the kids had a great time at the beach. I got to take a long walk on a soft, wide, beach that I had practically to myself for a stretch. It occurred to me only after a long while that no one was carrying T's insulin and supplies and that Kim was probably back and sitting by them on the towel. I picked up my pace to go check that it was okay, but it was great knowing that T and F were splashing around and I was lifting my arms in the wind and we were all freed up for a little while with the help of our friends the fab Minervas.

Savana and T are more like sisters than friends so they don't need time to readjust; they just pick up from where they left off. 

We had a little misadventure when Kim trusted me and  F to supervise the kids' showers while she went to go pick up Donald Sr. from the train. We are so extremely tired in our bones that we all somehow ended up using the three bathrooms at once. T and her friend in one, F and I in the other, and Donald Jr. in the third. He got distracted with video games or television and no one ended up shutting the bathtub faucet until their was a huge flood that reached into Kim's Jimmy Choo/shoe closet. We were all in towels shouting and throwing down all of the rest of the dozens of towels onto the floor. Even the apartment below had some damage over the tub. Kim walked in with Donald Sr. and we were all in various states of dripping undress with looks of horror on our faces which must have been a lovely homecoming for the man of the house. Kim was supernaturally calm about it all and so I was able to breathe again. But after dinner at a lovely seafood place on the docks, I cam home and started acting crazy with the kids. We sang and danced and watched youtube videos about hippos pooping and I gave out merit badges to all of Kim's Jimmy Choos for learning how to swim. We got to bed very late, but sun kissed and happy.

You can't let these people alone for a moment . . .

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