Sunday, September 23, 2012

Festa di gioielli 
 Don't ask me how I finally got a good turnout to come to this jewelry party to feature Rebecca Cherry's work (check out, but somehow Adonella, F and I pulled it off. It took a lot of phone messages or sms and being a little bit crafty to convince everyone to put it on their calendars for this Saturday, but in the end I stopped freaking out that it would just be the three of us on an enormous terrace, glaring at each other.

Basically the essence of this event is that I convinced everyone individually that they should just come and spend the evening with me and that we would manage to make it a good time. It was an hour before I was ready to leave that I realized accipicchia! I have twenty different ladies who think I am going to be hanging out exclusively with them and there is in no way, space, or time going to be enough of me to go around. And that was pretty much how the night went. I grabbed someone's cup with the excuse of getting a refill for them so that I could move on to the next while simultaneously finding a common bond between two other ladies to get them talking to each other. About five hours later I realized I had not eaten or drank anything and, even worse, I was totally sober.

 Also we had to convince like Zeus, Hera, and all the weather spirits to suck back the rain for just one more day. I owe you big time, Mount Olympus.

It helped that T's friends came to lend a hand.

Here is Rebecca and F talking shop.

F made some fantastic stuzzichini.
 At the last minute we got these cool centerpieces together of divas, almost all of whom do the Metamorfosi style workouts, and who were wearing dresses to match the gems on display.  Geniale!

Luckily Monica Bellucci looks great in green.

 Adonella's house is the party house of all time. Not only does it have cool furniture . . .

 but it has an awesome terrazzo that is huge and happening.

 Thank goodness T and Giusy helped me out when we needed to translate Rebecca's presentations on the chakras and their color harmonies into Italian.

I even hit it off really well with this fancy Lucca lady who runs the knitwear shop that does the fashionshows for my gym. I was really intimidated when I met her and then by the end of the night we were buddies. And I was sober. There is no end to the mysteries of this crazy evening.
Plus we suprised Megan who came solo with a song for her birthday.
Remind me, please, that dinner parties are fine, but I have to stop doing these gala events. BTW, did I mention that Laura and I are organizing a ladies' night to see the stripper film Magic Mike in Italian on Friday night. Oh and I said I'd bring the popcorn . . .

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