Monday, September 03, 2012

Back home 
We all went to bed after midnight Lucca time and slept until 1 PM more or less. We went to buy school supplies at Carrefour, a big Target-like European chain store in the closest thing Lucca has to a mall. T and F skated around the aisles on their heelys and I got my feet back into my tall high heeled mamma boots. We thought with all that exercise her blood sugar values would be good tonight, but they kept escalating up to 351 after dinner until midnight and I had to call the emergency number at the hospital. They told us that the insulin cartridges might have gone bad on the plane and so we changed the cartridges and got into bed with her to watch All the Right Moves on sidereel. We had a non-carbohydrate snack and now we will have to check her every hour for a bit until we feel like all is well again. Which it will be. But there goes any hope of having energy tomorrow. Good thing F is going to get the prescription at the hospital tomorrow and I don't have to teach until Tuesday.

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