Friday, September 07, 2012

And so on

My friend Patrizia came by yesterday. I was wearing high heeled boots when I greeted her at my door. Since we had decided to take a walk, I asked her if she would let me change my shoes. I reached for my dressy converse sneakers, but she pointed to her wedge heeled sandals and told me she would like me to wear the same thing as she was wearing. Only in Italy do your friends instruct you on shoe choice before you go for a walk. Just saying.

I taught my first class of the season to four nice ladies at LIFE palestra where they have offered me several more teaching opportunities so I resigned from Happy Gym for now and will just be on the substitute teacher list. I think it will be easier to just work for one gym instead of three and  this way I will have more students per class and, therefore, better job security. I sweat so much that my wedding ring fell off without my realizing it, but luckily one of my colleagues found it for me and put it in the cash register. We went by to pick it up today on the way to Prato. It is amazing how naked a ring finger can feel after almost fourteen years of gold band attachment. It is relief to have her back.

I had to make a (gulp) call to T's Italian professor to talk about some of the provisions I need made for T at school this year. He suggested that I write a letter for the professors to put in the official book that the they use to communicate with students in the classroom called the registro. (Double gulp.) I wrote the letter using as much of the subjunctive as I could throw down in one letter. He called me back while we were in the car on the way back from the hospital and I couldn't understand what he was saying. I told him I'd call him back. I tried him about seven different times until the end of the day, but he never picked up. OMG he is going to think I am an American stalker lady, I kept thinking. In the end it turned out that he had just left his house without his cell phone. When we finally were both on the line at the same time, he told me that he needed T to reprise her role in his theater group performance at a festival in another town and that I could come to the school to meet with him in person. He was super nice and said that he would type up my letter, making a few corrections, and distribute it to all of T's professors and the principal. Phew.

F picked me up from the school parking lot and we took T to the orthodontist where she got braces put on her lower teeth. She chose silver rubber bands for the top and purple ones for the bottom. The good news is that she can most likely have the top row taken off by Christmas. The bad news is that her teeth are really hurting her today. She was in a bad mood and we were really exhausted. F had to teach three English classes today and couldn't get home until late. We fended off the bad mood storm that was brewing by watching a crappy chick flick and drawing mustaches on the photos of a few girls T is not so very fond of. Is it bad to say that I felt vindicated in the Italian footwear category because our gorgeous orthodontist who usually sports stilettos was wearing crocs with teddy bears on the socks while I was wearing the wedges that Patrizia made me put on? Oh the arch cramps were worth it, I swear they were.

Then this evening T had horrible pain and we think she is about to get a urinary tract infection which is common in girls with type 1 diabetes. This summer she had to put boric acid and cider vinegar in her ears to prevent ear infections and she has already had an eye infection. Glucose sucks, if you ask me.  F biked out to the 24 hour pharmacy to get her the cranberry concentrate without sugar in capsules and we are hoping that it will save us from yet another trip to the hospital and antibiotics. After drinking a ton of water, she is already feeling ten times better so maybe we got to it in time. Braver than T does not exist, I assure you.

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