Wednesday, August 08, 2012

On day four of our Paris adventure, we went to a fantastic exhibit called Turbulance at the art space of Louis Vuitton. You go up in a pitch black velvet elevator and then walk through the upstairs corridors from one stunning and stimulating exhibit to the next, all variations on the same theme.

Wow T was right. Those sneakers look terrible with my skirt. I'm not walking 17 kilometers in my sandals no matter how much more respect it might earn me from shopkeepers and doormen.

 Then after the exhibit you can choose to go to the boutique and look at all of the Louis Vuitton bags, and shoes, and fur coats that we often see on television.  Even if I could ever one day afford to pay full price for those stunning objects, I imagine that certain extravagances would make me very uncomfortable given the income gap between people on our planet.

 The more we walk the lower T's blood glucose numbers are. We leave the house after breakfast and walk for the rest of the day until dinner. Fashion seems to fuel the girls. Just say the letters H & M and they can suddenly walk another four kilometers.

We had Ethiopian food for lunch that was so good it will be a highlight of the whole trip. The girls were surprised how much they loved it.

A lovely French gentleman showed us how to find the Catacombes. When we got there he said "Voila!" and then shuffled off on his way. We got shut out of the Catacombes by just five minutes. Foiled again. But the girls put a buon viso a brutto gioco. I think the below pictures speak for themselves.

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