Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Old Neighborhood
Today we woke up and turned on the television news only to find out that right in front of the GAP store that we visited on two days ago, a disgruntled employee of the Empire State building shot at ten innocent bystanders.

Good thing that today we had scheduled to go back to Park Slope, Brooklyn  instead.

We stopped by the Body Reserve gym and said hello to Butch and Midardo. K missed seeing her friends Jose and Allison, but at least got to speak to Jose on the phone. Then we visited with our friends that work for our landlord and that was really heartwarming. Christine, Jan and Herbie threw us a little surprise party and made us feel so welcomed back and at ease.

Christine, Herbie, & Jan. Thanks for everything.
 K visited with her trainer and friend Chris who showed off her gorgeous new home on Berkeley Street and walked around the loop in Prospect Park with her best friend Ian. T and F went for a walking tour of their old hangouts from T's elementary and Tae Kwon Do school to the Park Slope Food Coop, the neighborhood (Italian) Pork store and everything in between. T stopped by Dhaga to visit Katia  and get a henna tattoo on her hand. Then T and F bumped into our friends Bob and Judi who are moving to California and look ecstatic and glowy about it. 
PS 321 and a lot of memories.
Cris (& Bob) in their new digs. (Hi Joanna! If you're reading this)

Hi Bob and Judi!

Yay, it's Ellen! Wow am I short in America.

Relax. It's a temporary tattoo.
For dinner we picked up Chinese take out food from Hunan Delight on sixth avenue and Union Street. We kept hoping to bump into our neighbor Ellen and tried her buzzer several times to no avail. As we were on our way to our old reliable Family car service, we spotted her on her way home from work and the N/R subway station.  It was so great to see her. She told us that a bike bar which is some kind of spinning course place opened up under our old apartment and that for months she was woken up by their amplified spin music and the instructors' instructions amplified from the miked headsets. She said if K had been there she would have gone into social worker mode and shut down that action down straight away, but we're glad that Ellen who is well versed in New York tenant law along with the new tenant who is a lawyer were effective in getting some well earned peace and quiet in the mornings.

It was weird but great to see you again, Park Slope. Arrivederci Brooklyn!

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