Friday, August 17, 2012

The city of temptation
Temptations abound here. Of all the perfectly thin French women I have seen around town, nine out of ten were puffing on a cigarette. Oh yeah and small portions, whatevs. The same can be said of Lucca, honestly. I hope all of this trekking around from one neighborhood to the next is burning of the requisite number of calories. I do my metamorphosis workout most mornings in my underwear in front of the giant bedroom window and I am pretty sure that one of the Frenchie neighbors across the street is going to tattle on me to Noriko when she gets back to her own apartment.

For the most part, T's blood glucose numbers have been much lower in the morning. I figured we broke the high morning pattern. Just as I was feeling a renewed sense of optimism, she checked and has a 338. Normal would be between 90 and 150. Out of nowhere. Same breakfast as always. I imagine the lesson I am supposed to pull is to live in the moment. Unfortunately, diabetes is a disease for which you always have to plan ahead and also be prepared for the worst. Two of my strong suits and worst qualities rolled up in one diabetic tootsie roll. I feel more grateful than ever and also extremely pissed off. And also pissed at myself for being pissed off. I am thinking of inviting Deepak Chopra to live with us full time or to have his audio books permanently implanted with a hearing device into my left eardrum.

This is a cool video my friend Ian sent me. When in doubt, channel Julia Childs and add a quarter cup of sherry to whatever is handy.

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Homeless By Thought said...

The Julia Child video made my day! :)