Saturday, August 18, 2012

That's all, Parisian folks!
A lovely room from the dollhouse store. Or a possible apartment exchange for miniature families.

Lunch at the Creperie Broceliande in Montmatre.

Madame took the orders and then ran downstairs to the kitchen leaving us alone with the multi-colored artworks.

We went to the Musee D'orsay, which is the most airy, lovely art space ever.

We ate these desserts from the Laudree in an alley due to the exorbitant tea salon prices.

T looks a little guilt ridden, no? But we had the insulin covered. She walked miles and it is our last day in pastry land.

Ahh raspberry and chocolate happiness.

It is weird that bystanders always seem to think we are watching our pre-teen daughter shoot up illegal drugs on the street instead of supervising her insulin injections.

It turned out that T possibly mis-shot her insulin and therefore had a crazy high number because this evening she had a wet stain on her tee shirt where her insulin was supposed to go. We had to guess how much spilled out by making another stain of insulin next to the first one. This dinner was brought to you by wine and Project Runway without whom it would have been too stressful to swallow.

Today was "interesting" as far as big city experiences go. F stepped in poo. Our escalator stopped mid ride.
The revolving door for groups at the museum stopped mid revolve. An elderly man made the be index finger on lips quiet sign at Natasha through the train window and then came in and tried to bless her and all the other children on the train. This freaked us all out enough that we had to flee the train. First I grabbed Natasha's hand and physically covered her with my body -- which was extreme as far as protecting her from a smiley, elderly crazy man who may have just read too much Catcher in the Rye, but nobody goes near my girls. God bless him, but boundaries and personal space are important.

Speaking of Natasha, there is probably no easier travel companion/house guest on the planet. She is permanently invited to go anywhere in the world we go. . . but she may not want to because we tend to not eat meat, be completely tone deaf and watch an inordinate number of reality television shows.

This trip to Paris has been a really dramatic and much needed change of scenery that was exciting and thought provoking and overwhelming at times, but it will be nice to be back in Lucca because it's our real home.

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