Friday, August 17, 2012

Shakespeare in love & a picnic
Yesterday we went to Belleville and had a lovely vegetarian Asian meal and shopped some of the bargain shops where we found some good deals and bejewled goodies.

 Today we went to the Lafayette Gourmet in the Gallerie Lafayette where we bought a gourmet picnic.

You gotta keep an eye on the diabetics in the chocolate aisle.

We were the most prepared tourists at the Place des Vosges. We had a blanket, silverware, and wasabi macaron.

We walked for another six hours as we are known to do.

The girls stumbled upon these lovers' locks near the Seine and wanted F & me to make one.

T said I could adopt the lock that said "I heart mom." So I did. I am the Angelina Jolie of locks.

I was also ready to adopt the one that said "Fariba + Kaveh", but T said we had to do it properly and buy a 4 euro lock.

T and Natasha are braiding demons.

We left international love notes also at the Shakespeare & Co. bookstore.

I thought these salt and pepper shakers were cute. But as the day went on I thought they looked less like lovers and more like sad aliens wearing executioner hoods and giving each other the heimlich maneuver.

That's ours. It's real.

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