Monday, August 06, 2012

Il pleut/the rain
Paris is basically a gazillion times bigger than Lucca, and it feels liberating to join the anonymous masses of hoarding tourists and do whatever crazy thing we want to since no one understands us anyway. We all went for an extended wander across town from the 17th arrondissement to the 3rd, admiring the window displays of the Grands Magasins while wincing at the contrast of the homeless men and women sleeping in the doorways.

On Sunday we introduced Natasha to falafel sandwiches from a little Lebanese restaurant underneath one of the oddest pieces of public art you might ever run across. It spluttered rain on and off, but we finally found ourselves poking through the funky vintage stores of the Marais where T uncovered a pink and white Dolce & Gabbana jacket for 10€ and we spent about an hour in a little bead and trinket store where K scored a bag of little gold butterflies to encourage all her Metamorfosi students when they come back in September, and Natasha found some lovelies for her sorellina.

Take note Parisians, the girls are fashion fierce.

Touch-ups are a must.

This is a sculpture. I gather it represents a horrible std. There are crabs and skeletons . . . say no more.
Upstairs was the one euro grab area. We had to DIG.


So far Natasha has eaten sushi (with chopsticks!) and falafel and chocolate croissant and comte. She's been super brave in trying so many new things.

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