Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hampton Bays

Since it was us and we were traveling, there was, of course, some drama involved. Thank goodness my mom and Jack lent us their car and we didn't have to change trains on the open platform. As the leftovers from hurricane Isaac pelted us with more rain than I have ever seen on a highway, we made it safe and dry to Hampton Bays.

T and her friend Savana were thrilled to be together again. Kim and Donald Sr. manage a property right on the water with a tennis court and a pool and Kim is a hostess beyond measure. She made us the best pasta and mushroom sauce for dinner. We had fun cuddling up on the comfy, enormous couch, watching American tv, and laughing at all of Donald Jr.'s jokes.

Kim had just invested in ionic salt foot bath spas which turn the water into gross sludge as all the toxins pour out of your body from your feet. Our feet our now as soft as a new born baby's sederino.

GROSS ! :o
As you can see the girls are not having any fun at all:

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