Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Dying, reclining & nudity

If I could sum up the French painting wing of the Louvre in three words they would be: dying, reclining, and nudity. We went there today. F hoisted Natasha up over the crowd so that she could see the Mona Lisa. At one point F nudged me and said: "I love how the girls are whispering to each other. About art."

Right after we watched a really gripping episode of Dance Moms on the computer, we took off for a thousand kilometer walk around Paris. Natasha found an awesome pink and black polka dot dress for only thirteen euro.  We went to Laduree for macaron. I had the salted caramel. It was epic. The girls had chocolate from Ghana and raspberry and vanilla. F had coffee.

We went back to the Papillon Thai restaurant for their fabulous rice crepes and pad thai at dinner time.

T dragged me into the Jenny Packham boutique and said: "It is like going to the Oscars all in one store." I thought that was adorable and repeated that to the owner. He responded by pointing at all of the famous Kates like  Hudson and Winslet and La Middleton in their dresses and looked at me as if to say "duh" in French.

Ecstasy was reached at the Louboutin store where you have to wait in line just to get in. The shoes winked and flirted with us as if they were models and we were just ordinary humans in a model occupied bar. The window display was of a prize machine with a claw that was picking out bubble prizes with shoes inside. The employees were snooty enough not to disappoint. It was fully worth the wait. We listened to this English girl talk about how she never used to wear her Louboutins outside because they get scratched, but now her Disney project manager boyfriend says that just six months ago she started wearing her oldest ones on the streets. Everyone on line giggled. We giggled too so that no one would suspect we weren't insanely rich and superficial.

After dinner, I dared the girls to dare me to dance with the break dancers in the street. This is what happened:

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