Friday, August 24, 2012

Dumplings & Rock n' Roll
On Thursday my mom took us to the Lululemon exercise store which is so fancy that there is a young woman at a reception desk who takes your name before you enter the fitting room and then writes it on a dry erase board outside the door. She gave T and my mom and me the deluxe suite, but we were still shocked to find a mini trampoline in the dressing room with a funny sign above it. T jumped on the trampoline until the bitter end.

The sign above the trampoline says The Bra Tester.

T being patient while I try on boots in the background.
Then we went through the Village and Soho looking at all of the punk, vintage, rock n' roll kind of stores that used to intimidate me when I was in high school. T has no such inhibitions. She bought a bright green bow tie clip with a fluorescent bloody eyeball in the center and a black polo shirt with a scull and cross bones where the jockey usually sits. I got these black jeans with a panel of thorny roses down the sides and diamond shaped cut outs that expose the skin all the way down. Those pants are going to turn some heads when we get back to Lucca.

We went to T's favorite dumpling place called the Dumpling Man for lunch where they make the dumplings right in front of you as you eat. Afterwards we discovered this magical shop where the octogenarian Milanese owner wears dramatic stage makeup with blue lines across her eyebrows and red lines down her cheekbones. She has clients like Whoopie Goldberg and Celia Cruz. Inside the unassuming store are designer and exotic unmarked garments from the most colorful and luscious materials you can imagine. We convinced my mother to get herself a burgundy and lilac diamond patterned velvet black jacket that is the culmination of all the trends for Fall 2012 in one flowing confection.

For dinner we went to the best Japanese restaurant called Momoya where T got the sweet potato tempura sushi that brings her pure joy. On the way home she got a nose bleed, but in the end it was fine. The sake got me a little extra sleep thank goodness. Tomorrow we are heading back to Park Slope.

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