Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And the Momma Bear said . . .

First, let me tell you about the travel drama. We got to the airport three hours early because of the red flag that Delta wouldn't let me check in on-line. We had no problems checking-in, but it turned out that the flight was overbooked and it was important that we arrived early so that we didn't have to worry about being bumped. Right when we were about to board the actual flight they did do a special identification check just on me and patted me down and I still don't know what it was about, but I passed the test and we got on the plane.

At a certain point T fell asleep in F's lap and I just had a bad feeling. I unplugged our headphones from the on-flight movie and told F to check T's blood for her glucose levels.  She was down to just 52 which is a dangerous value. This fabulous flight attendant with a paramedic background named Persio Agio got her juice right away and we got her numbers back up with some glucose tablets. It was unsettling. I promised Sig. Agio a glowing review on

We had no idea what to expect at our friends Tom and Ellen's loft in Williamsburg, but they graciously allowed us to use it while they are out of town. Ellen is a painter and she has a studio in her loft. I haven't seen it since they moved to the top floor in their building. F had several phone numbers of artists in the building who have keys to the place. The place is HUGE. We were excited to see the gorgeous view of the city's skyline from their extensive deck. After a satisfying meal of New York bagels and all the fixings with my mom and Jack, we got a pretty good night's sleep.

Williamsburg Brooklyn is not a place any of us have spent a lot of time in, but man is it hipster-ville. T was quick to point out that girls were wearing side pony-tails high on their heads. Without Irony. There are skateboarders and people wearing capes. Two seconds after gawking at a girl in see through babydoll white dress with black lingerie underneath your eyes are drawn to the woman walking four dogs wearing fluorescent vests that say ADOPT ME on them.  The garbage cans are hipster garbage cans. There is graffitti on everything. There is a gourmet coffee place every three steps. It is major.

T and I cuddled up on the couch in our pajamas to watch some cable television in the morning. T said hi to someone behind me. I kept watching Tabitha's Salon Takeover. Then she said, "Hey Mom, there is a lady behind you." And there was. A tall, slim, young, blond lady. WTF?? She said she was painting Tom and Ellen's son's room and some guys would be over to help her momentarily. We ran to get washed and dressed and meet my mom on the Upper West Side. Oh and the whole gang will be back tomorrow. So that's why so many people have keys.

Anyway, T and my mom and I had the fantasy shopping experience of everything fitting and being perfect and we shopped for about six hours. Even F got some shirts and shoes. The we went out to Ethiopian food at a restaurant called AWASH that my mom didn't go to for a full year because she thought it was a laundromat. 

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