Thursday, August 09, 2012

A day off from fabulo(city)/fabulosity/paris
This morning we walked thirty minutes to the fabulous designer vintage store called Reciproque. I found an amazing pair of pink velvety jeans covered with wild roses. I also found a Dolce & Gabbana dress that made me want to make pasta with my bare hands and wear blood colored lipstick, but it was too expensive.

For 485 euro this dress had better come with a visit from Luca Argentero or Sophia Loren-- whoever gives better foot rubs.

Then we went for a really broken down picnic in the park. (I had to look up the on-line translation of ghetto to come up with the appropriate term broken down. That is how tired I am.) The grass was straw colored and (I wrote their) there were rabid pigeons and unleashed dogs and sun-worshiping, cigarette smoking, skinny women lying everywhere showing various amounts of nipple. Our feet were on fire by the time we got back to the apartment to crash. T took that a bit too literally, but recovered. When Natasha is tired or bored, she occasionally breaks into beautiful song. I tend to just break out. F and I rented Vicky Cristina Barcelona and moved the couch into the dining room so that we could keep the computer plugged in and because I am too tired to watch a movie sitting upright.

P.S. If anyone ever makes a movie of our life in the last two years, I want Tina Fey to play me and Cher to play my mother, my grandmother, any of my former therapists and all the other female characters except for T.

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