Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Land of Levemir
Today we got up and got moving early, remembering all of the things we forgot yesterday: sunglasses, books, medicines, snacks and off we went to the children's hospital. The allergy doctor was really sweet and gave us her stamp of approval to change brands of insulin. T's extensive research on the diabetes forums for kids gave a lot of anecdotal evidence of people who do better on this brand than on the Lantus even though the doctors say there are no great chemical differences between the two. We really hope that her stomach distension and her swelling will go away and that her blood sugars will lower, especially early in the morning and late evening.

We felt like we won the lottery when they gave us the go ahead to make the switch to Levemir. I guess I can be kind of kooky and convincing in more than just English now. Yesterday we were the last to leave the waiting room along with this one lone gentleman that was waiting for his appointment. I told him not to despair because there is a reality show in America called Survivor in which the last one to leave is actually the winner. Yeah, he thought that was really weird too and moved as far away from me as he could in the limited space of the waiting area. I have to have some fun. Meanwhile, I sent F & T to sneak down the corridor in front of the head doctor's door to "casually" bump into him so we could get him on the same page with us for switching medicines. All that money for social work school never stops paying off.

After NOT

sleeping Much,

these WEiRD sculptures at the children's hospital

of hallucinogenic bulls

give new meaning to the term "che palle!"
T has decided to rename us Lady Levemir, Duke Levemir and the dark princess of Levemir. So welcome to our land, people.

Lady Levemir reminds me of Lady Aberlin from the Mister Rogers children's tv program.

We celebrated by going shopping in Firenze at H&M for T and finding me a great leather jacket for Fall. Out of all of the people promoting their jackets, the couple at the What's Up store won me over. The owner did more super selling than a carpet salesman in Morocco, but we got him down a hundred euros from his starting price.

I have no sense of direction. So I follow along behind.

So Nine by Design. . . T & I love a good vintage store.

Our F is a great bag holder.

This lady was kind enough to show us the Pucci. Pucci is costly. Bye-bye Pucci.

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