Friday, July 27, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Schianto (stunning beauty)
Last night my foursome went out for drinks.  Well, I was too tired to even buy a bottle of water to bring to the table and Bianca had a salad, but the concept you have grasped. At the table we caught up on each other's good and bad news and were enjoying each other's company. If you look at the photo below you can tell that the americana is the pale one on the left lacking in vitamin D, heels, and also hairspray.

(Thanks for taking this photo, Aden. And for returning my Ipod. And for the cheek smooch.)
We were also celebrating the fact that Bianca has not just one suitor at the moment, but two. And what was behind door number two kept texting her and asking her to come out tonight. The problem was that she hated what she was wearing. At a certain point Serena and Bianca came out of the ladies room with a plan involving taking advantage of the fact that the stores were open until midnight to promote their sales. So off we went to find her a dress.

We had no luck at the first store, but the second, a Massimo Rebecchi outlet, was a homerun. Bianca kept saying the strapless blue number that brought out her eyes to perfection was too elegant, but the price was right and, really, is there such a thing as too elegant?

Off we went to the lingerie store to pick her up a strapless bra/un reggiseno a fascia and a thong/un perizoma; but when it came time to pay -- Bianca's wallet was missing. She had the kind of shoulder bag that stays open at the top and some karma challenged thief got away with her identity card and a hundred euros. At least she kept her driver's license and bancomat card in a separate purse. I was devastated, but she was unsinkable. So we went to Giusy's house to get her dressed.

E' uno schianto, no?

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