Friday, July 13, 2012

Punches of Color
As history has shown us, when things get rough, I get obsessive. So far we've added these vibrant place-mats/tovagliette for the table, a new cover for the bed (that F sewed together with his new sewing machine), a few punchy pillows for the couch, and this sculpted wood piece from Bali. Last night the lady that works at the Indonesian store Gong let us wander around her storage space that is tucked around the corner to look through the wooden furniture, the Buddhas, and the frocks. Personally, if I didn't live in Italy, I'd have a house full of Buddhas, but F says that the mural on the wall and the little tiny face in the stairway are enough. We don't want to freak people out, he says. I was intimidated to mess around with the terracotta color scheme that comes with the house, but now that I have visited a lot of friends with the same color restrictions, I have stolen some ideas for how even blues and reds can be introduced without clashing. You just have to be good about find the right tones. I want to find a chandelier and a mirror for living room from one of the antique markets next weekend. It is my way of distracting myself from other things, I guess.

I love this pillow. This pillow is a tiramisu of fabric.

Decided not to get these, but they are pretty.

This was too dark, but also pretty.

Our new cover!

Since I can't keep plants alive, it is the next best thing.

Now that's cool. I'm like that interior designer and mother of seven on Nine by Design. Ish.

If you get joy from a place mat. Go for it, I say.

I got up at an hour bestiale to go to the ASL/health office in order to make sure that our health card/tessera will work in France. It will. So that was pointless. F is going to have to go to the hospital to get us more of the blood glucose measuring strips because we test more often than they expected us to and we won't make it until the end of the month when we get our new supply. The good news is that T needs less and less insulin. She started out taking as much as 16/19/22 of the rapid insulin and 24 of the full day one and now she takes 6/7/6 and only 16 of the full day one. They say it's the honeymoon period. But I, being stubborn, insist in my head that she will never have to go back up.

I am so tired that I can't decide whether I love Nina Zilli or not. She is the Italian Amy Winehouse, a quanto pare.

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