Monday, July 09, 2012

Pre-sale planning session

Serious business these sales . . .

Ahh the glow of the shop windows. Is there anything more magical?


My friend Melissa took me to the Laura Pausini concert. It was standing room only for most of the ticket holders in Piazza Napoleone. We didn't realize that you had to get there an hour early to find a place to stand so we just grabbed hands and pretended we were in search of our long lost Italian relative. Eventually we found a spot where we could breathe and get a glimpse of the stage or at least the mega screens. Everyone there knew all of the words to every song, even the ones from ten years ago, so I was glad I memorized at least a line or two. We got yelled at so badly as we pushed past the masses, absorbing lectures/prediche left and right about respect, but I was over it. Sometimes my inner New Yorker comes out. It's been a rough couple of weeks.

 The most fabulous moment of the concert was when la Pausini after changing from a black formless dress into a black silk tee and blue camouflage pants came out in a heavy white dress. I looked at the screen and saw fireworks going off in her midsection. I figured it was just one of her music videos, but then when I got the athletic, salt and pepper haired smoker who was next to me to take a baby step to the right, I saw that her LED dress was lighting up like a Christmas tree or the empire state building on Valentine's day. That was cool. I wish I hadn't worn my heels to stand there for two hours on my still not healed strained tendon, but it was fun to be part of the action when she belted out her version of I will always love you which is Non ho mai smesso di amare te.

Speaking of love, T and I came across a rather spectacular wedding at San Michele. It turned out the bride is the daughter of the guy who makes his living taking advantage of addicts at the sports betting place, but we won't think too hard about that. She was cute as pie, as were her flower girls. A shot blared out all of the sudden and just like magic this completely ordinary wedding balloon burst open and dozens of heart shaped mini balloons filled the piazza and then the sky. It was stunning. Sorry ocean-life. T swore she saw two white doves, but I told her she was probably imagining it or confusing them with pigeons until I saw them camping out on the window ledge across the street from the church. What does one bribe white doves with to stick together and behave until it is time to cut the cake? I have no idea.

T and her friend had a crazy make-up moment the other day. Take a look for yourself and tell me if I am exaggerating/se sto esaggerando.

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