Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Italian Diabetes Adventures

Yesterday T went to a friend's house and called home after ten minutes to say that her vision was all blurry. It happened seven more times for thirty seconds at a time and was absolutely terrifying. She also had a headache and some swelling. We got an appointment to see the allergist and the eye doctor at the children's hospital in Florence and it turned out that she just had sugar in her tears that led to inflammation and is not necessarily allergic to the insulin although she may not be able to tolerate it. This is why you have to choose your words carefully in the factory that is the traditional health system. I have zero chance of getting them to change her brand of insulin from Lantus to Levimeer if I use the word allergic but I have a slight chance of begging the doctor when go back tomorrow to get the definitive 24 hour allergy test results if I use the word intolerance. Just exhausting. Worst migraine ever and we are all three grumpy after a five hour stay at the hospital and three hours in the car. But as far as trips to the hospital go it was pretty successful and it did not cost us a cent.

See the telling symbol on the tee shirt of the giant rat.

When we first got to the hospital we were greeted by clowns dressed as doctors. No really, they were clowns dressed as doctors and they explained that they were doing an "experiment" on this young man with dreadlocks who was accompanied by his dreadlocked mother. (Actually it turned out just to be a card trick.) His dreads were pointing sky high and I thought it was a result of their so-called experiment, but it turned out that his dreads always do the happy dance. From there it was all down hill. In the office of the oculista we found that they were doing experiments on rats to determine the benefits of marijuana use. See the attached photo.

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