Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy 4th
We were all cute and fitting in with the neighbors as we plopped ourselves down on towels (I had on white jeggings) in piazza grande to watch the soccer finals on the mega screens, but we got the heck out when we saw which way the tide was turning (decisively towards Spain) because soccer is not something they take lightly here.

Today we met an adorable doctor who is the diabetes expert in Lucca and she fixed up T's dosages and was very sweet. She is, unfortunately, very popular and there was a two hour wait to see her so we had to have our Fourth of July picnic lunch in the doctor's office because when you take insulin you've got to eat on schedule. It was very festive. They were impressed that we had anticipated that they would make us wait and we brought all of the food and the medicine in thermal packs.

Then we went and got T's hair done at Massimo Pretty Hair to cheer her up/tira su il morale.

Tonight we are going to watch The Glee Project and eat veggie burgers with T's friend Natasha.

 First Kristoff, one of the Hillfiger twins, is coming over to bring some kind of Quickzap MMS treatment for T. I am so moved that six of our friends got together last night to do an energy treatment for our whole family. It really doesn't matter if you agree with all of these alternative therapies or not; the important thing is just to try to comprehend that there were people praying for us and we didn't even know about it. We are very lucky.

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