Sunday, July 01, 2012

Feeling Energetic

T started her bioenergy treatments with Zoran Hochstatter yesterday. T felt tingling in her hands and she felt warmer than normal during the treatment. This is remarkable if you stop to consider that he is in London and we are in Italy. I move around like a puppet during the twenty minutes between the time we have word that he has started and when he calls to say he has finished. Not to show off, but I have always been very sensitive to the energy, especially when Zoran is pulling the strings. On day two, my right hand was mimicking the protocols along with him all on its own, which was weird for everyone. Today her swelling is down somewhat and her digestive track is working better. Her blood glucose numbers are pretty darn stable. I haven't called the emergency number at the hospital to get a new dosage because it seems fine where it is, but I expect they will call to yell at me at some point. That should be fun.

I'm trying to keep working out despite my life. My inner thighs are still pudgy, but less so.

IT's 1000 degrees in here.

Immediately after this, I got the worst charley-horse cramp in my foot ever!

Nothing like Ru Paul's Drag Race to lift the spirits.
 Yesterday T got to visit with her friends Natasha and Giorgia yesterday which did her some good. I got to visit with my friend Serena last night. She is some kind of a doctor. She speaks really fast. I think she does something that has to do with radiology, but I can't swear to it. Sometimes the energy a person brings to a relationship is more important that any language barrier. She and her Ramona Quimbley curls, slinky summer dress, and dazzling smile were a sight for sore eyes. She needed a stylist consultation with T about what kind of purse to put with the green dress she has to wear to a horrible, snobby wedding she has to go to for one of her colleagues at the hospital where she works so we took a late night stroll to look in the shop windows even though everything was already closed. It is good for T to get out when it's cool out. Serena had to wait for me at the kitchen table for fifteen minutes with only one sip of white wine that we had left in the fridge and a rather harried F who was frantically trying to finish a website while stammering things in Italian while I  slipped into the bedroom to do  the two energy treatments: one for the guy with MS and one for my magazine seller with the gash in his leg who has all the good fashion magazines in English. 

My life is not weird at all.

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