Thursday, July 12, 2012

Drips & Drabs
Time is moving at the speed of ice water condensing on a frosty glass or a lone bead of sweat streaking down between your shoulder blades under your tee shirt or even to the ticking sound of soles on the cobblestones, but it is not going according to the clock. Sometimes it feels like we are stuck and will never get to dinner time and other days it is a race to the finish. Today it was both.

We went back to Dottoressa Benucci today, but we didn't have to wait as long to be seen. She was happy with T's blood sugar values and let us decrease the dosage of insulin. She said that we had entered a honeymoon period where T could use less medicine. She also told us that the reason for T's stomach distension has to do with there being a lot of aria in there and not that she has gastroparesis, as I had feared. 

I have started to give T the bioenergy treatments myself and Jim Sparandeo is helping us with her nutrition, diet and herbal supplements. So far I have a long list of things that I have gotten freaked out about that have no basis in reality. Despite the fact that I can't stop itching my head; in reality, none of us got the lice from that close call sleepover. I couldn't sleep last night worrying about her stomach sticking out so much because I read the scary Internet stuff and the treatments for all the things I found were even more terrifying than the maladies. T, on the other hand, is much smarter and has been reading the forums where kids her age and their parents write about diabetes in a calmer more supportive way. She also reads the New York Times constantly and can speak eloquently about national and local politics, and I fully expect her to make my SAT score look like a sad misprint, but every generation is supposed to take giant steps ahead, right?

We are trying to get the house ready for our exchange to Paris in two weeks with fellow ex-New Yorkers Noriko and Matthew and their two kids. F is braving the trip back to Ikea to get us the basics I have been dreaming about like soft towels and good thread count sheets, and hangers, extra silverware for parties so we don't run out and those cute multicolored food storage clips. Stuff like that. We had to get a certificato di aereo so that T can get her medicine on the plane and now we are trying to figure out about health insurance. There are about a million things to do!

Things are just not going that smoothly this summer. I was lying on my back leading the stretch portion of my class the other day on the walls of Lucca and this woman just about passed out. Unfortunately I was so relieved that I had gotten through another outdoor class full of ladies who hate to exercise and I didn't notice until someone else caught her. She had come in saying that she had missed yesterday's class because she had too much to drink at a party and was having vertigo. The old, grumpy people who love to heckle me from their picnic table because they don't appreciate my music or presence had a field day with that one. It was awful. On an up note, check out these pics of the medieval people wearing dead animals and gossiping. Tomorrow is the festival of San Paolino and also Shopping Sotto le Stelle, when all the stores stay open late.

Just like the folks you bump into any old evening in Park Slope. . .
F pretended to check his messages while he covertly snapped the shots.
Then they turned around to look at us.

So we dead fox tailed it out of there.

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