Monday, July 16, 2012

Divorce, Italian Style
Yesterday was meant to be a reunion of my Sex & the City Lucca girlfriends, but Giusy got stuck without a place on the train back from Pescara. Serena made it by the rotta della cuffia because she was up all night at a colleague's wedding in Pisa. She forced herself into her cute little outfit out of sheer devotion to Bianca and only thanks to a great deal of help from her moka machine. Bianca had it set in her mind that July 15 was not going to be a day she dreaded for the rest of her life just because it was the day that marked the end of her married life after twelve years. I'll leave out the ugly details. She booked the terrace of a bar on the beach called, fittingly enough, Carpe Diem. She got herself a red lace dress and called a couple dozen friends to come out and drink to new beginnings. If my computer chiavetta had worked and the hip hop music had poured out, and Giusy and her unstoppable party persona had shown up, it would have been a wild night. Instead it was a quiet, but moving show of support that was more about showing up than anything else. Bianca looked spectacular. Also she wrote out lovely quotations from her favorite writers for each guest to take home with them that night. I have no idea what mine says, but it is on a lime green card and the handwriting is staggeringly loopy and gorgeous. 

Carpe Diem!

Serena and I started out the night by her dramatic reenactment of the last week's events leading up to the soap opera wedding of her colleagues. Right in the middle of that, we got utterly lost because it turns out that her Iphone is not really a navigatore and you should probably not hold it in one hand while you read it and try to drive at the same time while telling an emotionally exhausting account of events. At least she is a doctor with doctor friends and hospital street cred. But it wouldn't matter anyway because there turned out to be two Viale Europas in Viagreggio and we picked the wrong one. We ended up at a bar called Stupid! The best part about Stupid! was that directly to the left of it was a little terrace bar called Stupid! The GAY Area where some drunk men in Hawaiian shirts were  looking at me like they might kill me if I outed them and dared to take their picture up close. That is why I was so far away that you can't see anything in this shot.

Stupid! The bar. It's not Cheers. And nobody knows your name.

We then went down a long drag of road surrounded by tall pine trees that leads up from the beach and where surveillance cameras make sure that hungover doctors don't drive more than 40 miles an hour. When we got there I met Jacopo who I gather has down syndrome and is a huge flirt, but very chivalrous and charming. He wants to book some massage appointments with me. His mom was really sweet, too.

The alcohol analyzer is next to the slot machines. You're gambling if you drink more than 2 glasses of vino.

July 15th is now a lovely day to be welcomed by all.

Jacopo, that charmer.

Me & Jacopo

Serena rallied, god bless her.

Sparkling hats make everyone happy.
I bought the four of us friendship bracelets in different colors and came home and slept so deeply that I didn't even feel the mosquito who bit each of my knuckles in turn.

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