Monday, July 30, 2012

An exchange or so
Last night while we listened to Tony Bennett rocking out with Giorgia at the summer music festival from our front windows, we made a list of the zillion things that have to get done before we exchange apartments with the family of ex New Yorkers from Paris. This extensive list includes painting, cleaning the windows, cleaning the fans, filling in plaster cracks, clearing out the closets and drawers, organizing our documents, getting our valuables over to Anna Maria's safe where she also keeps her police pistol, getting the gunk out of shower doors and various other delightful tasks.

Most of my Italian friends think that we are nuts to do these home exchanges, but since I am on the cusp of being germaphobic and think hotels are really gross, I can deal with it as long as I render the house as impersonal and impenetrable as possible and then wipe everything down with Lysol once I get home.

If you imagine me sitting cross legged in the shower using bleach based bathroom detergent and q-tips to get the brown rusty gunk out of the crevices of the shower doors and between the tiles while only half asphyxiating myself, you get the picture of how insane this week can be.

To relax we went back to Al Foionco, the agriturismo of my ex student Marco -- who I nicknamed 007. His belly dancing wife Alma invited us to come have a swim in their salt water pool. They served us a really filling, albeit yummy, lunch of curried rice, eggs, potatoes with some melanzane parmagiana made with dutch cheese and then I had to both don a bikini and go teach my exercise class. F took a bunch of photos because he is going to redo their website and make one for Alma who is a painter. T and I splashed about and made too much noise giggling, thus annoying the super blond German family who had rented out the guest place. They all looked more or less like Jessica Tuck (see below.)

Meanwhile, T seems to be doing well on the new insulin called Levemir and is less hungry, therefore less grumpy.  She did a tae kwon do style workout while I did my metamorfosi workout and started on a new supplement called SAMe that helps to bring down some of her high blood glucose values.

One of my students of my free outdoor class on the walls of Lucca looks exactly like someone I used to watch on television. I racked my brains and the Internet to find out who it was. It turned out to be Jessica Tuck from the soap opera One Life To Live circa 1990. I printed out a page of photos for this woman who is actually called Patrizia just to prove I'm not crazy. Waste of Time. Seriously though, everyone does have a twin somewhere in the world. I saw an absolute body double for this annoying twit that was active in the PTA at PS 321 n Park Slope and ducked under a medieval arch to avoid her until it dawned on me: Wrong country.

Jessica Tuck, that's who.

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