Monday, June 25, 2012

Piu' di una lavata di capo
Today I got yelled at for the most ridiculous things.

 I got to the doctor's office at 8 AM even though he was not due to show up until 9:30. I was first. Twenty minutes later and older gentleman popped his head in and said good morning and asked if I was first for the doctor. Ten minutes later that same thing happened again. I only vaguely was aware that they were two different gentlemen. Then a woman and her son came in. When the fourth patient showed up and said the infamous Italian doctor's office line: Chi e' l'ultimo/Who came in last? -- there was a big scuffle. The woman thought she was second because no one else was in the room but me when she entered. The older men both thought they were second because I was alone in the room when they came in separately and then ducked back out separately. I tried to stay out of the fray until they all started insisting that I clear things up, which I couldn't because the two older men were now identical to me in my mind and lost all of my ability to speak Italian. Everyone glared at me. The doctor showed up fifteen minutes late. In the end, he entered T into the computer system with a certificato di esenzione so that we can get her medicine for free.

The medical person on the emergency diabetic telephone line barked at me this morning and this evening when I had to call to read her T's blood levels. I always try to explain who I am and why I am calling, but it is slowly dawning on me that maybe I am the only one who ever calls this number and so she always knows it's me or my number is showing up on a screen somewhere.

I went to the pharmacy because I thought that they told me to come back today, but I was wrong. Then we were out of needles and so then F had to go back to the pharmacy. Then we figured out why T has been screaming with pain in the bathroom and F had to go back to the pharmacy again.

The office staff of T's school yelled at me as well, but I had my fairy godmother bidella/custodian named Marta with me so that was less horrible. T got amazingly good grades given everything she was going through. One of the ladies told me that because I had gestational diabetes I should have been more aware that this was happening to T.

Aside from being yelled at I cried about four times for no specific reason. In front of people and in response to the question: How's your daughter doing? I did manage to teach a class to two bewildered female students without barely saying two words or looking them in the eyes. Therefore, I had to explain why I was being so weird and so I cried again.

People are just coming out of the woodwork to tell me that they were just about to tell me that something was wrong with T lately, but that they never ended up doing it. There are also a lot of people telling me not to beat myself up for not knowing or bringing her in to the doctor sooner and an equal number of people shaking their heads at me and clicking their tongues.

The good things were that Natasha and Caoimhe visited T and that Carlo and Adonella visited me. I got to give Adonella this stunning, hand-printed cashmere scarf for her birthday.

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