Friday, June 22, 2012

Yesterday, as we were being dismissed from the hospital, they told me that I had really screwed up. When they gave us the instruction to go to the health office/asl as soon as possible, they meant that minuto and not after we got back to Lucca. We might have put T's possibility of getting her month's supply of insulin at risk. Then I thought to call Amelia, our pharmacist. She was away at a training course, but her parents at the pharmacy rushed to help us. They talked to the head of the Diabetes department and when I got to Lucca they sent  my newest miracle-- Lara -- who works with them, to go to the pediatrician with me. I had asked Bianca who works at the provincia when the asl was next open and she told me that the head person there said we had to meet with our family doctor first. I have spent about thirty seconds with our family doctor since we have been in Lucca and did not even remember what he looked like. I told Bianca in an irritated tone, one I would suck back into my cheeks this instant if I could, that they must be mistaken and had a minor meltdown. But of course she was right.

 Lara was so great that she actually took me over to the doctor's office twice. It is bizarrely comforting that his name is DiDio/of God because a better recommendation than that is hard to find. Once she walked over with me in the steamy heat only to find out that he now had a new summer schedule. She told me to call her when I was about to be called. I got there an hour early and was first. Moments later a man with whooping cough was dismayed to find out that I had beaten him to the punch. He got his revenge by coughing all over me in the waiting room. Lara came and the doctor got us into the Italian system by which we will not have to pay for the medicine. I love Lara.

This morning I got to the asl bright and early, encouraged by T's new improved blood levels. They told me that they could next do the paperwork for me on July 30th. Thank god the receptionist who also has diabetes was in a rule breaking mood and the official on call was a woman who I remembered finding out was named Anna ten months ago. Anna got it done!

I was so rattled by the whole thing that I stopped by Massimo Pretty Hair on the way home to get a hug from Federica. Gabriella walked me over to the pharmacy. Lara got our medicine ready and Dottoressa Elvira and her husband Federico gave me a ton of encouragement. T's numbers have also been good after breakfast.

I was told that we have to call the hospital every single day to read the diary of blood levels to someone. I called the number and was told it was only for emergencies. I dialed the next four extensions that I was given and finally just called the head of the department who took the information and gave us T's new dosages for the day. So far so good. Serena came by to look at our pile of paperwork and give me a hug. Later one of T's classmates, Chiara,  is going to stop by for a brief visit with her mom Paola. Jim Sparandeo and Zoran Hochstatter are back on call too. Thank God also for them.

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