Saturday, June 02, 2012

The Mago of Oz
Tonight we saw T's third performance of the Dream of Carlo Collodi at her school which was done up all fancy for its 70th birthday. There were student ballet dancers, and hip hoppers and classical musicians along with sword fighters and balloons, and television monitors arranged as though we were on some weird episode of Big Brother/Grande Fratello. It was surreal to say the least.

I didn't know tonight was a big deal. Until I saw the balloon grapes.

Real friends sit in the audience for the encore performance.

What ever happened to a plain old parent - teacher night? Where are we?

After swallowing some pine nut, basil and ricotta pasta whole, we raced back out to the Giglio Theater where we went to see T's friend Natasha's little sister play a poppy flower in the Wizard of Oz. It was the Hard Rock Cafe meets the House of Blues version as it was accompanied by a very good quartet of musicians from the high school on electric guitar and other stringy electric instruments. You have got to see the footage to believe the amount of work that these kids and their crazy, crazy teachers and sewing parents did to get these kids into costume and moving in unison. The amount that the two Dorothy's had to memorize was staggering. The first Dorothy was a high soprano and kind of timid and the second was more balls to the walls. They were both very good.

 The show started with three men in suits giving speeches. That is how every event in Italy starts.

Which one was the tin man?
Did your school auditorium look like this?
They take their end of the year shows a tad seriously here.

Mommy pride!
It was worth keeping the little pink roses alive for forty eight hours to see the look on little Sofia's face. She had a fever when she got home from school and slept for four hours and then made it through the whole show. She was the only poppy who really sang and did the hand gestures.


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